Frequently Asked Questions

-Is the assembly process difficult?

The assembly process is not difficult, but having some building knowledge is beneficial. The DIY garden shed, therefore, provides an easy to follow and understand installation manual that is included with the simple self-assembly kit.

Reading the instructions before beginning the assembly process is recommended as the installation manual contains a list of parts, step by step instructions, pictures, and drawings. It is also suggested that the DIY garden shed be painted or treated promptly after it is assembled. Paint or stain will serve to protect the new building from the adverse effects of weather conditions.

– How long will it take to complete the product assembly process?

Depending on the size of your cabin/structure and the type selected, assembly times will vary. Basic units should only take a day or two to construct, however larger, more complicated designs, could take three days to complete. For more information, please refer to the description for your specifically selected model.

What about plumbing and electrical?

Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other structures can be upgraded by installing electricity and/or plumbing. It has become a popular trend to repurpose the larger multi-room cabin models into a kitchen and/or bathroom. Additionally, many of our cabins work perfectly as a spa for a Jacuzzi and/or hot tub. If you wish to fit a Jacuzzi or hot tub into your structure, it must be fitted before the walls are constructed. Our panel cabins come prepared to have electricity installed. Please seek advice from a professional electrician and/or plumber in your community to create a customized kitchen and/or bathroom as well as for general wiring and piping for a beautifully appointed space that is highly functional.

-What about painting and staining?

Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other top structures are supplied untreated unless you direct us otherwise whereas all foundation and terrace boards come pretreated. It is therefore advised that paint, stain or oil be applied to all-natural hardwood structures soon after they are assembled. We recommend using natural wood preservative, treatment, and protection products to maintain the eco-friendly essence of our whole wood products. This treatment of paint, stain or oil will serve to protect your new building against various weather conditions as well as add to the aesthetic design of the structure. Please feel free to contact one of our WNC Tiny Homes representatives by phone at 828-649-5066 or by email at donna@wnctinyhomes.com to discuss how hardwood treatment prior to delivery can be a cost-effective and time-saving possibility.

-What about returns?

Products that have been modified in any fashion are not subject to return. This includes, but is not limited to, items that have been painted, stained, used, weathered or broken. Items that have been altered in any manner from their original state are not returnable