Cancellations that occur prior to the shipment of any products from the East Coast warehouse may still be subject to fees associated with credit card processing and restocking.

Please see the Return Policy for any cancellations that take place after the shipment of an order.

The following orders will be subject to all actual shipping fees: uncancelled orders prior to shipment that are successfully delivered, refused orders at the time of delivery that are redirected back to the East Coast warehouse and undelivered orders due to customer absence or unavailability at the time of delivery that are rerouted back to the East Coast warehouse.

Should the customer not agree with the return and/or cancellation policies, then the original order will remain intact; and the items will be delivered according to the original pricing agreement, specifications, terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay the agreed upon product price and applicable shipping fees.

Backordered items will be delivered in more than 14 days. Specific delivery times will vary and customers will be contacted directly about the shipment. WNC Tiny Homes, LLC offers full refunds if delivery times and conditions are not acceptable for the
customer. However, customers are encouraged to inquire about shipment and delivery options before placing an order.

Cancellation of an order must take place by phone or via email.

WNC Tiny Homes Non-Returnable Products

Products that have been modified in any fashion are not subject to return. This includes, but is not limited to, items that have been painted, stained, used, weathered or broken. Items that have been altered in any manner from their original state are not returnable.