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Welcome to WNC Tiny Homes & DIY Cabins!

We are excited to bring the tiny home movement to Western North Carolina. WNC Tiny Homes has created a unique market for the landowner to profit from aWe are equally excited to showcase the quality craftsmanship of our Haywood Model. Along with quality do-it-yourself cabin kits that can be assembled by a couple of friends in just a few days or by contracting with WNC Tiny Homes as your contractor of choice we can make your new home or short-term leasing unit a reality in less than a month.

We know that after looking over our website, you’ll see how WNC Tiny Homes can help you create an outside living space for long-term or short-term guest, a private office space, meditation or yoga studio or even a spa, all for as little as $15,000.

Freedom is … Living in a Tiny Home

If you ever wanted to pick up your things and just get out of town, tiny home living gives you the freedom to relocate anytime, anywhere. More importantly, it allows you to relocate practically debt-free. One of the reasons so many people are choosing to live in tiny homes is the idea of living a debt-free life – free of the mortgages and maintenance of traditional home living.

Convenience is … Living in a Tiny Home

With a smaller footprint, you’re able to live a simpler life. Life just got a little less cluttered, more energy-efficient, and, yes can even get more luxurious in your tiny home. No need to sacrifice style!

Being Environmentally Friendly is … Living in a Tiny Home

A tiny home requires less material to build than your traditional home – and only occupies a small portion of land when docked. Knowing you’re protecting your environment and investing in Mother Earth is one of the many reasons you will enjoy a simpler and more sustainable life in a tiny home.

The Haywood Model
This video depicts the incredible simplicity involved with assembling one of our cabin kits.